There are days we wake up with a feeling that the world is normal, only to discover how fragile normalcy really is. So it was on a Monday in March when we heard the news that Brendan was at a hospital in San Diego. The doctors had found tumors in his brain.

Thirteen years ago Brendan and Sarah Mayer moved to La Misión to start Siloé Ministries, a clinic aimed at providing low-cost health services for the community. It would be hard to overstate the impact their work and dedication has had on families living in the area.

When Sarah and Brendan invited us to live on-site at their beautiful clinic and volunteer part-time with Siloé ministries, we were humbled and excited by the opportunity to serve and learn from such an inspiring organization. What started as a 3-month commitment, we readily extended to 6 months, unaware that our role would soon become a support bridge for supplies and resources between the Siloé team in La Misión and the Mayer Family living in San Diego while Brendan received treatment.

In times of crisis it’s easy to get lost in the questions. How could this happen? Why would God allow this? What does the future hold? Though we may never have the answers to all our questions, the cross reminds us that God is no stranger to suffering. Hardship also has a way of cutting through superficial layers and revealing the true foundation of our lives. Seeing how people on both sides of the border have surrounded the Mayer family with prayers and all kinds of support, and witnessing their courage in the midst of extreme vulnerability has given us a renewed vision of faith and community.

Please pray for the Mayer family and for Brendan’s ongoing healing and recovery as they continue to journey through this challenging season. Here is a link if you wish to read more about their journey -> CaringBridge

In an unexpected way the past month has confirmed for us that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Navigating challenges and adversity together is a powerful catalyst for deepening relationships, which lies at the true heart of every impactful organization and ministry. Our long term hope is to engage youth in the community through outdoor programs, but it’s a vision that must be grounded in loving and serving the people around us today. Right now with our ability to run errands on both sides of the border we have a unique opportunity to support Siloé during a critical time. By helping the clinic stay open we also get to serve the same families that one day may send their youth to participate in Aleph programs.

In the midst of everything this past month it has been exciting to see a few new pieces of the puzzle come together with Aleph Baja. Here are a few highlights from that side:

We had our first official Zoom meeting with the Aleph board of directors and Rehgert and Vanessa, who began Aleph Surf in South Africa in 2007. We are so stoked to have the guidance, support and leadership of this solid team!

If you haven’t seen the new Aleph site, go check it out!

Huge thanks and shoutout to Tiff Hensley and Mountains without Borders for sending us climbing gear and to our friends at Outdoor Outreach for the additional helmets! We now have a solid starter kit of the gear needed to run small group climbing programs at our local crag.

It’s been great connecting with the Christian Surfer Baja crew. These guys have been so welcoming and helpful in expanding our knowledge of surf breaks in the area, including some excellent waves for beginners and some punishing beach break barrels.

Being a part of Zona 51 — a weekly outdoor youth event hosted by Rancho Libertad Calvary Chapel — has given us a chance to connect with young people from the area & other young adult leaders who are passionate about seeing youth in the community thrive. The church has also been a great place to connect with others in La Mision. Jess enjoyed helping some ladies from the church make tamales!

As always we want to express gratitude and appreciation to everyone who has prayed for us and supported us financially.

We are currently 25% of the way toward our financial goal of $2,000/month from consistent monthly supporters. If you are interested in partnering with us through a monthly tax deductible donation (of any amount) head on over to our SUPPORT page.

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